If we are known by the company we keep, than we are in good company.

There have been many celebrity cigar smokers that are quick to light up both on and off camera.

The list includes actors, actresses, politicians, and athletes. Actually there is probably no corner of the globe or occupation that does not have a famous cigar smoker enjoying his or her favorite cigar.

Here is a short list of people you may know….

John Quincy Adams
Daniel Webster
James Madison
Abraham Lincoln
John F. Kennedy
P.T. Barnum
Mark Twain
Rudyard Kipling
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Babe Ruth
Al Capone
Harvey Keitel
Ira Gershwin
Harrison Ford
Alfred Hitchcock
Albert Einstein (don’t you feel smarter already?)
Sigmund Freud
Orson Wells
Duke of Windsor
Groucho Marx
Francis Ford Coppola
Rush Limbaugh
Whoopi Goldberg
Bill Clinton
Sir Winston Churchill
David Letterman
George Burns
Ernest Hemmingway
Michael Douglas
Milton Berle
Robert De Niro
Randy Quaid
Sydney Pollack
Jim Belushi
Tom Cruise
Jack Nicholson
Roger Moore
Mel Gibson
Paul Sorvino
Dean Stockwell
Pierce Brosnan
Chevy Chase
Rober Duvall
Wayne Gretzky
Michael Jordan

And hundreds of others!