Welcome to my Custom Order Page.

There are many options to choose from.

The Process

To order, fill out the form below to create a one of a kind cigar cutter by Charles Sauer and Paramount Cutters.

With a small deposit, I will send you a “pencil rendering.” From there, I will make any changes or additions needed before creating your unique piece.

All custom orders are to be paid in full, at the time of ordering. No exceptions.   Rendering deposit deducted from Purchase Price.  On this web-site (ParamountCutters.com only), accepts Global E-Commerce payments, Accepted through PayPalPro, worldwide.  No limits to purchase price.

Turn around time depends on how complex and involved the project is and what is required of the design.

Shipping and Insurance

Shipping, insurance and postage included in the price for orders.

Please note, Paramount Cutters is not responsible for loss or theft after the order has shipped or reached customs.

Orders can be hand delivered if the client is willing to cover trip expenses.

Additional or Alternate Shipping Arrangements can be made.  Couriers with Diplomatic Credentials, accepted.