Admit it. When you see some guy (or girl) in a movie blowing smoke rings it can’t help but get your attention.
The ability to blow smoke rings takes practice, but you might pick it up faster than you think.

Here are a few basic guidelines to get you started.

1. Draw a thick puff of smoke into your mouth and hold it there. (It’s not necessary to puff out your cheeks like a chipmunk)
2. Place your tongue on the bottom of your mouth and pull it back slightly to block your throat passage
3. Open your mouth slowly (so you don’t create any unnecessary air flow that will disturb the smoke) and form it into the loose, rounded shape of the letter “O.”
4. Be sure to open your mouth and jaw, not just your lips. You can’t make a good smoke ring by puckering up and making a kiss-face or fish-face.
5. Now, here’s the tricky part: Curl the tip of your tongue down, and pull your tongue all the way back and push the smoke out of your mouth with your tongue. Use your tongue in a gentle, piston type motion: short bursts, with a slight recoil (think of the way a car piston works).

One thing to keep in mind is your environment. If there is almost the least bit of wind, it will be difficult for the ring to maintain any shape. However, sitting in your favorite cigar shop…well…smoke away!

That’s it! We are willing to bet that if you follow the above points, you will be blowing rings before the end of your first or second cigar!